Embark on Epic Journeys

Dive into a treasure trove of player-crafted quests and sagas, where every story unfolds a new adventure. Experience the boundless creativity of a community that breathes life into diverse, enchanting worlds. From mystical lands to futuristic odysseys, discover adventures that spark your imagination and challenge your wits.

  • Mr. Meatball's Saucy Escape

    Mr. Meatball finds himself accidentally rolled out of the kitchen of a busy Italian restaurant and must navigate his way back while avoiding hungry pets, cleaning obstacles, and the perilous outdoors.

  • The Unbearable Curse of Bear-ness

    In a whimsical quest, adventurers must lift a curse that has transformed an entire town's population into bumbling, yet endearing bears.

  • Evil Science

    Create a product that will allow mind control of the entire population of earth.


An Immersive Text Based RPG Experience

Every adventure is a unique experience. Explore community crafted adventures, or create your own. The possibilities are endless.

Epic Text-Based RPG Adventure

Go on adventures in a text based RPG. Explore the world and interact with characters.

Captivating Art

Scenes are brought to life with beautiful illustrations. Experience the world you create.

Infinite Customization Possibilities

Customize a world to your liking using our advanced editor. Create your own characters, locations, and quests. The possibilities are endless.

Craft your story

A robust adventure editor

Create your own adventures with our powerful editor. Use our AI to generate a story, or write your own. Then, share your adventure with the world.

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Make your own

Completely open source

AI Adventure is completely open source. You can find the code on our GitHub page. Come help us build the future of AI storytelling.

On the fly generation
Story, images, and audio are generated by AI on the fly.
Swappable Models
Bring your own LLMs, connect your own SD LoRAs -- and let users create with custom prompts.
Payment Ready
Stripe Integration is built in. Turn this server into a business for your site.
Simple Authentication
Uses Clerk for simple authentication in development and production.